Workshops done right

Last weekend I had a workshop in rhetorics held by @rhetorikhelden.

I had to do video without any knowledge on how to perform in front of a crowd. I became nervous, spoke too fast and broke the flow of my speech all the time. It was funny listening to myself, but only because I know that I can perform better now.

What can one  do to improve your free speech? The key aspects for me were:

  1. Talk more slowly and take breaks. Instead of filling the sentence with “ohms” or other stupid words which do not belong there, make a break!
  2. Create a story which you can use and fall back to. If you missed what you wanted to talk about, continue with the story.
  3. Deliver a message and repeat it. People will forget you, if they do not remember what you told them! So repeat that message that they will never forget it!


So for your next talk in front of a crowd, try to use some methods and tell me if that helped!


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